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4 tips to buy Real in Brazil

Moeda Brasileira - Real


Many people know that buying a currency in the country of destination may not always be a good choice for the traveler. Generally, when the acquisition is performed in the country of the currency, there is an early research of the exchange transactions and the traveler often is obliged to make the purchase without other options or better rates.

There are also cases in which the currency of the country of destination is not easily found in the country of origin, therefore, the buyer is obliged to make the exchange in the last minute. In both cases, the result, most of the time, is the same: a waste of money.

However, there are some ways to reduce this loss at the time of purchase/ Buy Real in Brazil.

Estimate the costs

Even if the values could not be acquired in advance in the country of origin, you must travel with an estimate of costs that you will have. In this way, you will be able to estimate the overall cost, even if there are currency fluctuations.

Do not buy Real in Brazil at the airport

For those who need to exchange currency urgently, it may seem a good option to perform the exchange at the airport, however, it is not. The charges in an exchange bureau within the airport tend to be much higher compared to other places, in addition, it is worth mentioning that normally these places will charge a flat rate regardless of the value that you are exchanging.

Do not buy currency on other places than exchange bureaus

The commonly lower rates of currencies purchased from the grey market may attract buyers, especially those who need to save much money on the trip. However, acquire values without a proof of the origin can generate serious problems to the traveler with the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service ( Http://… ), it can be assumed that the amount is illegal or it is from crimes such as drug trafficking, for example.

Use a prepaid card

A very efficient solution to acquire currency in a safe way and still have a full control of your costs is to use rechargeable prepaid cards, which in addition to avoid surprises with the expenses at the end of the travel, also provides a convenient way for the tourist to make payments without the need of having with large amounts of cash.

Always use exchange brokers instead of banks at the time of purchase Real on Brazil

Both institutions offer safety and legality in any operation and will provide a legal certification of origin to the money. However, the exchange bureaus may be more advantageous, since they offer more competitive rates, smaller queues and are less targeted than banks in relation to robberies or kidnappings, increasing the safety of the transaction to the traveler.

Before choosing an exchange bureau and perform the purchase of Real, check the list ( http://www.bcb.gov.br/pt-br/#!/n/INSTCRED) of institutions authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil.

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