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Over 85 years of tradition, Levycam is a pioneer in foreign exchange brokerage and has a qualified and experienced team that will attend customer’s demand meeting the highly standards. Regulated by the Brazilian Central Bank, and having BDO BRAZIL, one of the country’s largest auditing companies , featured in national and international markets as external auditing company, Levycam is member of ABRACAM, The Brazilian FX broker dealers association and offering to its customers’ trustworthiness services and precesses safety . Additionally, Levycam is recognized by the Brazilian Central Bank, as one of the more competitive broker dealers offering the best FX rates and services. .    


The International Airport of Guarulhos (GRU), is 40 km away from the city’s downtown.. Look for one of the several taxi booths available at the airport to take a taxi with prefixed value (R$ 75-R$130 ?) or a chartered bus (R$ 35?). The Airport of Congonhas (CGH) receives domestic flights, and it is 8 km away from downtown.
Public transportation in general do not accept credit or debit cards and, and are not used to accept foreign currencies in cash. Concerning shops, restaurants and other services, the credit and debit prepaid cards are accepted without restrictions. However, restrictions to accept cash in foreign currencies may apply.


Buy and sell transactions must be made through agents authorized by the CENTRAL BANK OF BRAZIL. The informal FX transactions are a crime . All purchase and sale rules related to foreign currency are defined by the Central Bank and must be performed by the agents authorized to operate in the foreign exchange market – For transactions up to US$ 3 thousand, the tourist must present a valid passport to the FX agent, who shall register the operation in the Integrated System of Exchange Operation Registration. In case of leftover of the local currency, tourist may request the exchange for the currency of his origin country, presenting the ticket generated in the purchase of Reais. To evaluate the rate, the Central Bank made available a conversion tool, for informative consultation feature.


The city offers an intense gastronomic, artistic and cultural life. A walk through the city will be complete without a visit to the cultural center and the museums like: MAM, MASP and MUBE, which collections maintain works from great international and local artists. If you like History, don’t miss the several churches around the city, specially the Convent “Nossa Senhora da Luz”, built on 1579, and the Monastery of São Bento at the Largo São Bento, which offers to the public the purchase of cakes, breads, marmalades, biscuits, everything made by the monks, which recipes are seculars. In these places you will need local currency in cash. São Paulo gastronomy is famous worldwide. Having restaurants amongst the 50 best restaurants in the world. Don’t miss our Japanese, Italian and French restaurants. Immerse with pleasure in the nocturne life of São Paulo and checking in on hundreds of bars, , discos, nightclubs, theaters, cinemas, shows, ballets and everything that you may imagine. Most of the places accepts credit, debit and prepaid cards, cash, and any may accept foreign currency, however with unfavorable rates.

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